United Methodist Women

What We Do

We Serve

We Grow

We Raise Money

  • Sunshine baskets for Special Care People
  • Food for emergency situations and funeral gatherings of family and friends
  • World Thank Offering
  • Money to missions
  • Special mission projects
  • Gifts for West Side Ministries
  • Gifts for Birchwood
  • Contributions to Casowasco and Altersgate
  • Bible study
  • Prayer
  • Field trips
  • UMW programs, speakers, films
  • District and Conference activities
  • Assembly
  • Reading Program
  • Sharing discussions
  • School of Mission
  • We write our legislators about issues and concerns.
  • Contributions and pledges
  • Rummage Sales
  • Book sale
  • Circle projects
  • Bake Sales 

We Have Fun and

  • Picnics
  • Preparing for Fund Raisers
  • Circle and general meetings

Circles are smaller groups within United Methodist Women, created to provide greater freedom for individual participation, nurturing of membership and development of leadership. Circles allow members to be involved in special areas of interest or concern and offer a selection of meeting times to fit the different schedules of young parents, employed women and retired women. Circles also provide opportunities for development of lasting lifelong friendships. New circles can be created to meet other interest, age or time possibilities.

Supportive Members usually do not attend circle meetings, but they are supportive of our projects and concerns through contributions of money, baked goods, bazaar items, etc. They help when they can at rummage sales, dinners, baking cookies, etc. They prayerfully support us when they are unable to actively participate. These members are encouraged to attend general meetings and/or circle meetings when they are able to do so.

We have two circles, the Sarah Circle and the Susannah Circle.  Sarah Circle meets the second Thursday of each month at 12:00 noon (bring a sandwich).  They meet in homes of members or at the church.  The Susannah Circle meets the secnd Thursday from 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. either at the homes of members or at the church.   If you would like more information on the circles, please contact the church at 699-2731 or at