Lawn Mowing

2011 marked the first year in quite a while that volunteers mowed the church and parsonage lawn.  We used a 25 year old lawn tractor that worked well but was a little difficult to operate.  This year we have a like new John Deer lawn tractor which runs well and is very easy to use.  If you can help mow this year, please give Bonnie Blanchard a call at 288-4542.  Click Read More to see a picture of our new mower.

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Church Roof Repair


The Trustees recently contracted with Vanderhoof Roofing Co. to replace the step flashing along the side of the steeple where the bricks meet the roof line in the area above the front (Rt 11) entrance.

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Trustees Team

The purpose of the Trustees of Cicero United Methodist Church is to ensure that the church property is maintained in order to provide an atmosphere conducive to the weekly spiritual growth of its members.


The role of the trustees of Cicero United Methodist church is: supervise, care for and oversee the property and equipment of the church, review annually the adequacy of property, liability and crime insurance coverage and review annually personnel insurance.

The board of trustees receives and administers all bequests made to the local church subject to the direction of the charge conference.

The trustees in cooperation with the health and welfare ministries representative conducts an accessibility audit of the property, buildings and grounds to discover and identify any physical, architectural or communication barriers which might impede full participation of people with disabilities and make plans and determine priorities for the elimination of such barriers.

You Are Welcome To Join the General Maintenance Team

This group meets on the first Thursday morning of each month at 9 AM to do minor repairs and general fix-up work around the church. At present we have a two-page list to work from.

Some Examples

  • Inspection of Chapel Roof
  • Interior Patching of Walls and Painting
  • Trim Front Evergreens
  • Clean Stains from Bricks on Church
  • Repair Stained Glass Window at Front Entry
  • Replace Ungrounded Electrical Outlets
  • Hang Fire Extinguishers
  • Fix Drape in Fellowship Hall
  • Re-Glue Chairs
  • Replace Burned Out Light Bulbs