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Why We Give

United Methodists and members of Cicero United Methodist Church in particular are very giving people.  To learn more about why we give, go to this web site:  "Why We Give" by Gary and Debra Ball-Killbourne


The Finance Committee has overall responsibility for the financial health of our church. This includes stewardship (the raising of financial support) and insuring that funds are responsibly used. Care is taken to insure that financial obligations are met on time.

Chairperson  Richard Burtis
Financial Secretary  Richard Burtis
Assistant Fin Secretary  Roberta Thornhill
Treasurer  Rich Copeman
Treasurer  Debra Popp
Auditor  Carl Chamberlin
Trustee Rep
2014  Dana Eells
2014  Adam Atherton
2015  Brenda Chewning Kulick
2015  Nate Boyer

The following recent financial reports are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader or other similar reader software to open. (If your computer does not have this software, it can be downloaded from the internet for free.) The reports are usually updated around the first of each month.


2016 Shared Ministries 1st Qrtr Comparison

 4.30.16 Balance Sheet

 4.30.16 Budget VS Actual Profit & Loss

2016 Total Budget

2015 Budget VS Actual 


The following financial forms may be opened and printed for your use. Please put completed vouchers in the Treasurer's mail box in front of the church office .  You may also provide the information on the voucher in an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Use of these forms will minimize errors and provide justification for spending church funds.


Expense Voucher




Wedding Voucher

501 c3 Ruling